High-speed rail construction is set for a marginal increase next year
Oscar Sinclair, 26/11/18

Global high-speed rail construction has remained relatively flat since 2015. However, IRJ Pro Project Monitor data indicates the number of projects will pick up in 2018/19, despite declines in Asia.

One of the projects anticipated for next year is the XpressWest high-speed line between Las Vegas and Victorville. The line will be 305km long and is expected to be completed by 2022. Construction is also expected to start next year on Texas Central Railway, which will run from Dallas to Houston. The line will span 385km and is expected to cost $US 15-18bn. In Egypt the Alexandria - Aswan HSL is due to begin construction next year, the 900km line will follow the Nile river connecting Alexandria, Cairo and Aswan. Phase 1 will run from Alexandria to Cairo and is estimated to cost €2.4bn including rolling stock. In Europe, three projects are scheduled in the Scandinavia and two more projects are expected to begin construction in Spain.