Europe holds 57% of global light rail projects in 2018
Oscar Sinclair, 06/11/18

The number of light rail projects under construction is up 27% year on year in 2018 with Europe holding the vast majority of projects, according to IRJ Pro Project Monitor.

Light rail has seen substantial growth in Europe over the past three years, with a further 23 projects due to begin construction in 2019. Growth in other regions has remained relatively flat with no regions exceeding more than 10 projects annually.

France and Germany account for a large portion of projects in Europe over the past three years (Figure 2). Growth in France has mainly come through the expansion of the Paris network which currently has 74.2km of new lines and extensions under construction.

However, construction looks set to begin picking up in North America in 2019. A total of 16 projects in the region are scheduled for construction. Ottawa has four LRT projects planned, which includes three extensions and one new line totalling 39km. Seattle has two new extensions planned totalling 26km, and Phoenix also has two new extensions planned with a combined total of 25.6km.

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