A big year ahead for Turkey
Oscar Sinclair, 13/12/18

Fourteen projects are scheduled for completion in Turkey during 2019, with the majority of projects in high-speed rail and the expansion of Istanbul’s metro network.

Political and social unrest in Turkey in recent years has affected the business sector, delaying investment and slowing the country’s economic growth. Despite its issues, Turkey has become urbanised, opened to international trade and finance, and synchronised with many of the European Union’s laws and regulations, including railway sector reform. Turkey is planning to invest $US 46.3bn on its rail network over the next five years.

Fourteen projects are due to be completed in 2019, according to IRJ Project Monitor. One of the largest projects is the Ankara - Sivas high-speed line which is scheduled to be open at the end of 2019, eleven years after beginning construction. The 300km/h line will span 406km and includes 50km of tunnels and is expected to cost $US 5.5bn.

Istanbul Metro currently has 64 stations under construction and is planning to expand its network with seven line extensions by the end of next year. By 2023 Istanbul aims to open three new metro lines as well as completing a further six extensions. The city is aiming to grow its rail network to 1023km by 2029.