High-speed rail construction is set for a marginal increase next year

Global high-speed rail construction has remained relatively flat since 2015. However, IRJ Pro Project Monitor data indicates the number of projects will pick up in 2018/19, despite declines in Asia. ... read more

The number of projects across the MENA region is down marginally in 2018

The number of projects that have entered construction can be seen to be marginally lower in 2018 than in 2017 across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Growth in the region remains strong however with more projects entering construction in 201 ... read more

Europe holds 57% of global light rail projects in 2018

The number of light rail projects under construction is up 27% year on year in 2018 with Europe holding the vast majority of projects, according to IRJ Pro Project Monitor. ... read more

Fleet orders up 43% quarter-on-quarter in Q3

Total vehicle quantity has increased from 1585 in Q2 to 2267 in Q3 an increase of 43%, according to IRJ Pro Fleet Monitor. The bulk of orders in Q3 came from Electric-multiple-units (EMU) and metro car orders. ... read more
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